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Tea as a tool for Mindfulness

Tea as a tool for Mindfulness

The bright lights of the city: There's nothing quite like it. Sights, smells and sounds combine into a single living entity. Through day and night the city is alive; changing before our very eyes yet also remaining the same.

Living the city life is exciting, invigorating and perpetual, however being in this high-energy environment Can have its downsides. It's harder to connect with nature. It's easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed by the sheer size and scale of it all and it's at these times we forget about the small things. A smile, a small act of generosity, or taking a moment to be thankful simply for being alive in this moment are all valuable mantras that contribute to our wellbeing.

These small moments of mindfulness, practiced daily, can have a hugely beneficial impact on your quality of life - and what better time to practice these as you enjoy a cup of soul-warming loose leaf tea?

We believe that loose leaf tea is simply the only way to drink tea. It's not just that loose leaf tea is of a higher quality than its crumbled and dusty teabag relative; it's that the very act of brewing a cup of loose leaf tea reminds us that we can take great pleasure in the smallest of things.

Put the kettle on. Brew your loose leaf tea. Take a deep breath. As you enjoy your tea, take notice of the sights and sounds around you. Think of 3 things you are thankful for. Let your mind wonder, but allow each thought to pass by without judgement. Smile. Repeat. Live a better life.

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