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What are life's greatest privileges?

What are life's greatest privileges?

What is privilege? I can hold my hand up and say that, without a doubt, I have taken some of the points below for granted. I'm guilty of sometimes feeling that life is unfair if I don't get my way sometimes, but it's really all about perspective. The content below is from a Quora post that really resonated with me. Take a look and decide for yourself - ar you privileged? 

What are life's greatest privileges? You are privileged if,

1.) You have both your parents with you.


2.) You have access to education.

3.) You have access to clean drinking water.

4.) You don't have to roam around and beg for food.

5.) You are born fit & fine and live without any abnormalities.

6.) You have a shelter for yourself.

7.) Your children don't abandon you.

8.) You don't have to suffer from too many diseases when you are old.

9.) You don't have to see your parents or your children suffer.

When I travel by train, I generally see people of my age and people who are even younger than me, who should be studying, have to beg for food!! Watching them I feel privileged.

Seeing people who are born with abnormalities I feel I am privileged.

Seeing both my parents with me I feel privileged.

Well there are far too many reasons to be happy because someone somewhere is not as privileged as you. So next time when you feel depressed or feel low, just remember that you are indeed privileged.

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Content originally posted on Quora by Kunal Biyani

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