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5 Christmas Gifts that your Stoner Buddy will Love

5 Christmas Gifts that your Stoner Buddy will Love

Secret Santa for your weed enthusiast friend? We got you covered, and for all budgets! We at Urbanistic can vouch that we would be thrilled to receive any one of these gifts for Christmas. So from low-high budget, here are our top Christmas picks for 2017.

1. Herb Smart Filter Gift Box

5 Christmas Gifts that your Stoner Buddy will Love

Price: £14.49

420 Budget Level: Scavenging the last scraps from the grinder and rolling box420 

They may be on the lower end of the budget, but these smart filters neatly packaged in a luxurious box make for a truly pleasing gift. Since discovering Rolls69 smart filters we have never looked back, and wouldn't dream of using a normal roach anymore. 

These smart filters provide an enjoyable smoking experience whilst working to reduce the ingestion of harmful materials that are produced when combustion occurs. All the enjoyment of enjoying a spliff, whilst minimising the risk inhaling combusted particles.


2. Blunt Wrap Paper - 24K Gold

5 Christmas Gifts that your Stoner Buddy will Love

Price: £14.99

Budget Level: Bushweed

It's gold, and you roll it into a joint. A gold joint. Need we say more? Needless to say, this is a perfect gift for that stoner with the champagne lifestyle (but prosecco budget?!). This could be the perfect buy for that upcoming Christmas party, bachelor party, hen do or any other social event.


3. The Twisty Blunt

5 Christmas Gifts that your Stoner Buddy will Love 

Price: £24.99

420 Budget Level: A nice chunk of hash

It may look complicated, but it's not. The perfect piece if you are going to be out for the day and won't be able to roll or reload your vape. Simple load this up before you leave and take it with you - light up when you want, then twist the blunt when you are done and stick the cap back on. If it's fully loaded before you go out this will last you a very long time indeed, with minimum fuss on your part.


4. The Nuggy

 5 Christmas Gifts that your Stoner Buddy will Love

Price: £29.99

420 Budget Level: A stinky bag of Cheese

The Nuggy is the ultimate stoners tool. It has everything one could need from a light incase you find yourself rolling out in the dark, a roach clip to get the most out of those ends, a mini-spoon for that dab life and much more. It feels like a very high quality item in your hand and is always a popular gift that's sure to get you brownie points.

5. The PAX 3 

5 Christmas Gifts that your Stoner Buddy will Love

Price: From £179.99

420 Budget Level: The finest Kush, expertly cured, rolled in pure THC dust, then coated in high-grade pure cannabis oil

It's new, and it's better than ever. Most tokers who know their Raws from their Rizla will have heard of the PAX range of vapes. Eloquent and reliable, the PAX3 is the best vape yet. OK, this may be stretching the 'secret santa' budget it a little far, but if you're not short on cash and you really, I mean really like this person, then you will be sure to make that person a very happy (and perhaps giggly) soul! It also comes with a handy app, because it's 2017 and everything comes with an app!

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