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Exclusive Preview: The Deskpod

Exclusive Preview: The Deskpod

 We take a look at Deskpod, the latest in a range of rebuildable, innovative dry herb vaporizers coming out of the Mod Pod Labs.

What is the Deskpod?

The latest innovation from ModPod Labs; the Deskpod is a tabletop dry herb vaporizer that leverages enail technology to create a unique and satisfying experience. 

The Deskpod is a fusion between an enail (a device that heats concentrates and extracts electronically) with components  from ModPod's popular 'Si' vaporizer, creating an entirely new - and potent - experience. You'll need to bring your own glass piece to use wit the Deskpod - which comes with a 14mm male connector. 

For me, this is part of the fun - getting to use the Deskpod through different bongs and bubblers provides different experiences.

How does the Deskpod work?

The Deskpod has four distinct components:

  • Glass bowl
  • Heating unit
  • Metal stand for the heating unit
  • Power box

The glass bowl features a 14mm male component that will sit upright in a water bubbler such as a this. The heating unit features a coil with a quartz heatsink, encased in a think stainless steel enclosure. This sits on the stand while heating up, once you're ready and the power box shows that your desired temperature has been reached, the heating unit is lifted from the stand and placed on top of the glass bowl.

For the first few hits, I like to place the heating unit onto the glass bowl and wait for around 10 seconds before starting to inhale. After the first few hits you'll find that the bowl has built up a decent amount of residual heat and the vapor will flow thick and fast.

What I love about the Deskpod

The Deskpod may seem a little intimidating to those that are used to operating simple portable vaporizers. However, it's actually easy to get really tasty, cloudy rips from this device. The bowl size allows for a decent session and the affects are certainly noticeable.  

I find that drawing throw the water ensures a smooth draw, and the Deskpod does an excellent job of evenly heating the herb so there's no need to manually stir the bowl in between hits.

The compatibility with different glass pieces and interoperability with other e-nail products make this an investment that you're likely to get long time enjoyment and use from.

Where to get a Deskpod 

The Deskpod is set to be available directly from ModPod Labs in the first half of 2021, and available through Urbainstic and in the second half of 2021. Will you be getting a Deskpod?


Video Review of Deskpod 



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