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Here's How Much Money You Could Save By Vaping your Herb

Here's How Much Money You Could Save By Vaping your Herb

We do not condone participation in any illegal activities. The below numbers have been used as an example for illustrative purposes only. Please respect your local laws. 

We've talked a lot of the benefits of vaping rather than combusting (burning) your joint in a spliff, but have you considered the potential cost savings too?

Vaping your herb is touted as a far more efficient way of consuming your herb, but I wanted to see if we can actually put a cold, hard, cash number on that. So I ran a little experiment, which I have documented below along with my workings (if only my old Math teacher could see my now. So proud.) so feel free to follow along and create your own model. 

If you are considering purchasing a vaporiser but are not sure about spending the money, this may help to put things into perspective. Or perhaps, like me, you need financial approval from your partner before a big outlay. Either way, this will help you to understand the potential cost benefits of owning a vaporiser.   

Step 1 - Your Current Costs

For many this will break down into two costs: The cost of your weed and the cost of your tobacco. I am going to guesstimate some costs so we can run through an example, but feel free to replace these numbers with your own.

Monthly cost while smoking joints:

  • Tobacco: £20
  • Weed: £80

Total Monthly Cost: £100

Step 2 - Work out your weight / spliff

Now it's time for the practical experiment - for this step you will need a set of digital scales and your rolling setup. Start building a joint as you normally would, until you have the correct amount of herb sitting on your rolling paper, waiting to be rolled. Instead of rolling, dump the herb onto your scale and take a note of the amount. 

My weigh-in came in at 0.5g.

Step 3 - Work out your weight / vape session

Digital Scales

This step may be a little tricky if you do not currently own a vape. If you don't have access to a vaporiser, I recommend you just use the amount noted here in your example. Most portable herb vaporisers have similar sized chambers anyway, so the scope for variance is small. 

My weigh-in came in at 0.1g. 

Step 4 - Calculations

Now for some math. I knew it would come in handy at some point! We are going to work out the % difference in amounts between the spliff and the vape. This will allow us to convert the weight into a financial amount of money, thus allowing us to understand potential cost savings. To work out the % difference we will use the following:

(Vape Weight % Spliff Weight) * 100 

so plugging in the numbers (feel free to plug in your own numbers here if you are following along at home):

(0.1/0.5)*100 = 20%

Step 5 - So we've crunched the numbers. What does it mean though?

So based on the numbers above, 1 full vape session consumes only 1/5 the amount of a joint. If we assume that one will straight up replace 1 joint with 1 vaping session, then by reducing our monthly consumption price by 80%, we see what our new monthly cost looks like.

Scenario One - 1 spliff is equivalent to 1 vaping session

  • Tobacco: £20  £0
  • Weed: £80  £16

Total Cost: £100  £16

 Wow, that's a reduction of 84% in your total cost! A saving of £84/month, which works out at £1008 over the course of a year. So it's not only your lungs that will thank you, but your pocket too. 

We could tweak this model a little to be more conservative, and assume that 1 joint could be the equivalent to 2 vaping sessions, given the smaller amounts used. If you would prefer to run with this assumption, the numbers still look strong.

(Note - two vaping sessions works out at 40% the amount of weed in a joint, as opposed to 20%. so to work out the total cost I multiple the orignal weed cost (£80) by 0.4, to derive 40% of the cost).

Scenario Two - 1 spliff is equivalent to 2 vaping sessions

  • Tobacco: £20  £0
  • Weed: £80  £32

Total Cost: £100  £32

This still works out at a significant 68% cost reduction. In real terms that's £68 / month, or £816 over the course of the year.


Even with conservative estimates, the financial case looks compelling. Considering that the average cost for a high quality herb vaporiser is in the region of £150, you will definitely be seeing a return on this investment through significantly reducing your consumption costs.

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