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Urbanistic Vape 510 Imp Vaporizer

MistVape Imp Vaporizer Quick Start Guide

We are very proud to be working with MistVape to bring these handmade pieces to the UK, Europe and beyond. The MistVape Imp and Impcognito are dry herb vaporizers that require the addition of a regulated eCig Mod box in order to produce heat and allow you to vaporise your material. Please do not use eCig juice or any type of liquid with this vaporizer. This is for dry herb ONLY. 

The Imp fits most box mods and is fitted with a 510 thread system. Use of the Imp with unregulated devices, such as squonk boxes, is dangerous and not recommended. A regulated mod will provide great security and avoid potentially disastrous incidents. The high discharge batteries used with this device should always have protection circuits in place. Always read the manual and follow the instructions for your mod box. 

The Imp has two air inlet holes the positioning of which affects performance. Rotate the wood body so the air inlets are directing air across the coils either diagonally or perpendicular to the coil length. Feel free to experiment and find the most effective position for your build.

The body of the Imp is press fit over an O ring and can be removed to adjust the coils. The unit ships with two Clapton coils. Never use lateral pressure to get the body off. Gently rock, twist and pull the body off. The Impcognito has a relatively thin body wall and can be damaged by strong lateral pressure.

Never adjust the bottom brass screw of the Imp, it holds the assembly together as well as being a contact for the power source.

Any disassembly of the Imp voids all warranties and the user will be responsible for all repairs. Removal of the wood body held by the O ring is not considered disassembly.


There are various methods of loading herb in to your Imp. You can load by hand/fingers or use a filling tool such as this easy loader tool. You can submerge the end of your stem in to some herb and 'suck' the herb in to the tube with a light draw. The dual screen method uses two mesh screens to sandwich your herb in place - great for using smaller amounts of herb. There are also dosing capsules available - Fill these with material ready for your next session and pop one in your stem when you're ready to vape- I would also take the gauze/screen out of the stem for improved airflow. It is recommended to place the loaded stem inside the Imp upside down to avoid spills.


When using the Imp in power mode try between 14 and 23 watts, 16 watts works great but you will find your sweet spot over time - lower settings will be tastier where higher settings will give thicker fuller vapour. The Impcognito is designed with the coil closer to the herb so start at a lower power setting.

If you wish to use your Imp with temperature control you can find the instructions for use with the Tubo firmware here - created for use with a different vaporizer called  the Tubo Evic the software is a little outdated as most of the boxes compatible with it have been phased out. We are experimenting with the Arctic Fox firmware as a replacement method as there are more compatible devices available - we will update with more information once we have this tested and stable. You will still need to tune your experience to the individual Imp/modbox combo due to the slight differences in the building materials and connectors. 


The O ring seal around the stem needs only light cleaning. Brush off any large particle and swab occasionally with a cotton swab.

A twist and pull removes the stem. If you hold the Imp upside down when removing the stem you can avoid spills.

The screens in the stems require cleaning quite regularly - you can use ISO, vape wipe or other similar solutions - a brush will also come in handy for these, bruising after every session will result in less build up and less need to clean.


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