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Review: Neo by Prrl Labs

Review: Neo by Prrl Labs

The Neo represents a new vaping paradigm; one which allows for endless options to customise your setup and experience. 

The Neo is created and manufactured by a start-up from Portland, Oregon. Rather than being a vaporizer, the Neo is essentially an electronic lighter that is paired with a bong/pipe of your choice.

This is a huge perk - it means you can use the Neo with all of your current and future glass. I have never been much of a pipe user in the past but this changes with the Neo as it opens up the option to vaporize herb through traditional pipes. 


Neo: Build Quality

The Neo is built from quality materials - including a zirconia ceramic heating element and an Eleaf power mod with custom firmware. The mod comes pre-loaded with a 18650 battery, USB-c charging and you can use the Neo while it's charging.

Quartz heating element

The device is a little heavier than the average portable vaporizer but coming in at a little over 200 grams it is still very much a portable unit. 

How does it hit? 

The Neo hits nice. Very nice. There's perhaps a little more technique involved than your basic electronic portable, but it really doesn't take long to get the basics down - and once you do, the payoff is well worth it. 

The fact that the Neo works with such a wide range of inhalation mechanisms, it's like a choose your own adventure story. 

Final Thoughts: Is the Neo worth it?

The Neo is the closest I've got to matching a desktop vape experience such as the Deskpod or Flowerpot devices. Once you find a good cadence between the heat settings and modulation of your inhalations (I find that once the Neo is heated, a nice slow draw does the trick) you'll marvel in wonder out how far you can push a small bowl of weed. 

If you enjoy using a variety of rigs then the Neo caters to that. It's a unit I'm immensely excited about - I've been using it every day since I got it.

If you are looking for the best vaping experience, the Neo is a good pickup.

If you are looking for the easiest vaping experience, the Neo may not be for you.

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