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Nov 2020

7 Christmas Gifts For Your Stoner Friends in 2020

Stoner's wishlist 2020 - 7 Cannabis Inspired gifts

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be a frustrating or enjoyable experience, depending on how you view it. Either way: if you are searching for some fresh cannabis-themed gift ideas, we've got you covered with our handpicked favourite stoner products for Christmas 2020.

Even better?

We've picked out items that will cater to all budgets: from stocking fillers and secret santa gifts through to jaw-droppingly awesome cannabis consumption technology.

Let's get started:

1. Hemp Infused Bath Bomb

I think we can all agree a bit of self-love and chillout time is warranted, and what better way to do it than with an infused bath bomb.

The perfect accompaniment to a long soak in the tub.

The Hempress creates small batch, artisan infusions for your bath tub - we think they make a wonderful and meaningful gift (we won't tell if you want one for yourself, too). Given the year that 2020 has been, I think we can all use some extra pampering.

Shop Bath Bombs on Etsy

Price: from £12

2. CBD Infused Coffee

This is an easy one for any coffee drinker. Who wouldn't appreciate some top notch coffee with a "bit of extra chill?" 

Pothead coffee use a premium Tanzanian arabica bean, infused with fully lab-tested European CBD. Waking up to a cup of Pothead Coffee sounds like a great way to get the day started off right. This could also be a perfect gift for that friend that likes to try new things, or anyone that is already taking CBD.

Shop Pothead Coffee

Price: from £17.95

3. LED Stash Jar

The LED Stash Jar lets you see your herb up close and personal. It's amazing what you can see with some magnification!

The light is rechargeable and it comes with a handy micro USB charging cable.

This would be an amazing gift for anyone who generally thinks they have the best connections, and the stickiest buds!

Price: £15.99

4. Mushroom bong

Mushroom enthusiasts are going to really appreciate having this mushroom bong in their life!

This ceramic mushroom bong is also easily disguised - the caps reassemble to the main body to disguise the a large mushroom. Which any mycophile would love to have in their home!

Price: £19.99

5. THTC // The Hemp Trading Company

Look good, feel good and do good all at the same time when you buy garms from THTC.

Hemp and organic cotton threads from a shining bastion in the cannabis industry of how to run a socially responsible business that gives back to grassroots community. All while looking fly!


Price: £25

6. Dry Herb Vaporizer: Titanic 3

A dry herb vaporizer makes a special gift to any cannabis user. Those that are trying to reduce or stop combusting consumption methods (i.e smoking joints) and those that want to experience a true and pure taste from their cannabis are going to really dig the Titanic 3 vaporizer by Puri5.

It's portable, easy to use and clean, has an OLED display to precisely control temperature, and has several upgrade options such as a water bubbler (pictured) and a hula stem (highly recommended!).

View Details

The Titanic 3 would be a real treat for anyone interested in the herb.

Price: £129.99

7. Dab Rig - Core E-Rig

A portable electronic dab rig with a range of customizable options and variable heat settings.

This is a new breed of machine for enjoying your dabs. It doesn't require a flame as the heating element is electronic. The battery power is excellent and it comes with a travel case packed full of useful tools included.

Price: £165

We hope you enjoyed our 2020 Stoner's Wishlist: A Christmas Guide! If you've enjoyed it - or see something here you think you'd like for yourself - please share this with a friend!