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The 5 Best Songs to Chillout & Unwind | Urbanistic #1

The 5 Best Songs to Chillout & Unwind | Urbanistic #1

We love chilled, tranquil and melodic music here at Urbanistic. It speaks to the soul without necessarily needing vocals and is a style of music that can speak differently to each of us depending on ones mood. With this series we are looking to highlight some of the best electronic chillout songs currently jamming in our ears. Let us know if you're liking the tunes and would like to hear more!

Here are our top 5 picks to chill to this month:

1) Circa State - Unplugged

Circa State is the musical expression of Francis Hall, with Unplugged representing a typical weaving of chilled, reflective and ambient sounds interspaced by melodic, complex - sometimes sombre, sometimes uplifting - undercurrents. 

2. Winterlight - your wings make you fly

Hope Dies Last is the first wonderful album by Winterlight aka Tim Ingham.Growing up in the Thames Valley in the UK, Tim Ingham stood shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Slowdive at local gigs but his own musical endeavours didn't get off the ground until he found he could use a laptop late at night once his family had retired for the night to create his own electronic version of the kind of warm, hazy sounds that he had gravitated to since his youth. Ingham's compositions where quickly noticed due to his myspace profile and he recorded 2 singles as Winterlight for UK label Years Without Art. The singles titled Mirror and Kissed showcased Ingham's ability to craft simple dream pop melodies in the vein of contemporaries like Ulrich Schauss and veterans like Robin Guthrie. Mirror became the subject of an unlikely but successful progressive trance remix by producer DJ Solarstone.

3. Khruangbin - The Number 4

This track uses real instruments, evident from the vintage feel of the drums and guitars. This gives the track a raw, untouched vibe that gives it a sense of being genuine and music that's from the soul. It's one of those perfect Sunday songs for sitting back, relaxing and reflect on how good life can be.

4. ISAN - No. 1. - Lent et Douloureux 

IDM/Electronica duo ISAN's interpretation of 19th century composer Erik Satie's "Gymnopedie No. 1." is a very calming and tranquil peace. It reminds me of those quote, reflective periods either early in the morning or late at night. A beautiful representation of the classic. 

5. Rykard - North Cormorant Obscurity 

The final track this month is one I can (and do) listen to over and over. Rykard has produced this intriguing track that manages to purvey a sense of mystery, beauty and complexity into a song that is immensely pleasing to my ears.


What's your favourite song to chill to? Would you like more content like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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