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The Surprising Benefits of Black Pepper

The Surprising Benefits of Black Pepper

Pepper is ubiquitous in households as half of the dynamic duo that adorns our dining tables in the form of food seasoning. Despite its popularity, many would be surprised to hear the astounding science-backed health benefits one can enjoy by consuming pepper. In the following article we will explore the health benefits of pepper, and make the case for why supplementing pepper can be very beneficial to your wellbeing. 

Where Does Pepper Come From?

Pepper comes from the Piper nigrum plant, which is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae. The fruit of the plant is harvested and dried to be used as a spice and seasoning - known as a peppercorn. A peppercorn in its fresh and mature form takes on a dark red colour. Black pepper starts as green peppercorns, which are the unripe fruit of the plant. The fruits grow in long, thin bunches on the vine, clustered somewhat like grapes. These bright green fruits are cooked and then dried. During the drying process, certain enzymes turn the skin a dark brown, almost black, as well as cause the outer skin of the fruit to contract and wrinkle.

Piper Nigrum Plant

Piper nigrum plant, native to South Asia and Southeast Asia

What Are The Health Benefits Of Pepper?

You may be surprised to learn that pepper has a wealth of benefits. In a comprehensive 2013 study, it's noted that black pepper 'might be helpful in chemoprevention and controlling progression of tumor growth.' The study further mentions how black pepper may assist cognitive brain functioning and boosting nutrient absorption. 

A different study notes that piperine (a major component of black pepper) increased the bioavailability of curcumin (the yellow pigment present in turmeric) by 2000% in humans at 45 minutes after orally ingesting piperine and curcumin. This means that your body is able to utilise the beneficial components of the curcumin far better with pepper, than without. 

So in addition to pepper being a great supplement in its own right; it also plays a brilliant supporting role to other supplements. 

How Best to Supplement Pepper? 

In order to consume enough pepper to have noticeable effects, its advisable to find pepper in an extracted form. Because pepper increases bioavailability, it's also the perfect item to combo with other supplements you may already be using.

Given the well-known health benefits of turmeric, these supplements surely go hand-in-hand and are a powerful boon to any wellness routine.

If you're interesting in incorporating turmeric and black pepper into your lifestyle, why not try the Urbanistic CBD Oil with Turmeric & Black Pepper Extracts? This 3-in-1 formulation is packed full of compounds and cannabinoids that your body will put to very good use. 




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