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Dry Herb Vapes: Buyers Guide

Dry Herb Vapes: Buyers Guide

No matter if you've only just heard about the benefits of dry herb vaporizers, or you're a veteran looking to add to your collection, researching and buying a dry herb vaporizer can be a daunting task. There are many different types to choose from and depending upon your particular requirements, it's important that your hard-earned cash will go towards a piece that you will fall in love with. 

Before you make a decision, we've compiled the top 5 questions to consider.

Do you want the option to use your Vaporiser with Oil & Concentrate?

Some people enjoy using concentrates, which is essentially when the herb undergoes an extraction process, taking out the desired parts of the herb into a more potent form. The majority of vaporizers are for use with dry herb and for most, this will be sufficient. However if your interests expand further to the realm of extracts such as oils & wax, you'll want to ensure you find a vape than can handle these different consistencies. 

The Titanic 2, PAX 3 (Complete Kit) and APX Pulsar can be used with wax & oil. 

How Important is Portability?

Generally, vapes can be classed into two categories: desktop and portable. Desktop Vaporizers (usually referred to as 'tabletop vaporizers' in the US) are bigger machines that will generally stay in your home and as it's not too convenient to move them around you may wish to have it housed permanently somewhere. It's worth running through use cases for your vape before making a decision. 

Desktop vapes are powerful machines that can provide a very satisfying user experience. The most popular desktop vaporizer is the Volcano, which uses a bag system to fill and dispense vapor. 

Volcano Digital Desktop Vape

Portable vapes are, as the name suggests, are designed with mobility in mind. If you want to be using your vape on the go and whilst out of the house, you will need to consider purchasing a portable vaporizer. The market has trended towards portable devices and for good reason. Recent advances have allowed big technology to fit into small spaces, meaning you don't have to give up much at all to gain the convenience and mobility of a portable device. 

Dry Herb Vapes: Buyers Guide

Desktop pieces can be used as a 'statement piece' and can feel more social as it sits atop the coffee table in your living room, however portable vapes offer unparalleled convenience without having to trade off on the technology. If you're in a position to be able to, maybe you will want both!

What's Your Budget?

The good news is there are a range of options to suit most budgets. You can buy a good quality vaporizer for £60. If you are new to vaping and not too sure what you're looking for, it would be recommended to start at the lower end of the budget. This provides a lower entry point and allows you to get a good feel of your vape style, without spending lots of money upfront. Once you've got some good use out of your first vape, you may decide to invest in a 2nd piece. Generally, the higher end range have more features - such as quick heating times, water bubblers, smartphone apps for controlling the device and more control over the temperature settings. 

 How Many Times Have You Broken Your Phone Screen?

Seriously, it's worth considering if you have a proclivity for clumsiness. Not all vapes are created equal here, with some more breakable than others. If you've a reputation for breaking/dropping/being a general liability, you will want to consider getting the most sturdy vape you can find. The Vapor Genie Classic Vaporiser would be a good recommendation - there's no electronics which reduces the risk of faults occurring. The high-quality wood and stainless steel building materials also lend's itself to longevity, with the included lifetime warranty giving you some comfort that this is an item that will last you a long time. 

Puri5's Titanic 2 is also a particularly sturdy vape, along with the Magnum 2. If you prefer to live on the edge a little more, introducing a water bubbler onto your vape is a fun way of bringing more functionality, but does increase the risk of a breakage. Replacement water bubbler parts are available for most vapes, so this could be viewed as a measure risk. 

If this still doesn't satisfy your appetite for risk then why not consider owning a beautiful glassware vaporizer? The VG Glass Sherlock is a wonderful piece, alongside the VG Glass Bat these vapes are unique in style and function. 

Dry Herb Vapes: Buyers Guide

And they are not just made of any glass. They are made from thick-wall 2.5 mm clear borosilicate glass manufactured with precision in Germany.

Micro-Dosing or Session? 

If you are used to smoking a joint, you are probably used to longer smoking sessions. There are many vapes that cater to this, allowing you to draw slowly from the herb over 10 - 15 minutes. The Pax, in particular, has a nice model for this, whereby the temperature starts low and slowly scales up automatically throughout your session. What I like about this is that it allows you to enjoy the full spectrum of your aromatherapy herb as different compounds are released at different temperatures, making it highly efficient. 

If you prefer to enjoy shorter, smaller sessions - or micro-dosing - there are a range of options available. A definite favourite of ours is the Vapor Genie Classic range. The classic range has a small chamber and by drawing in heat from a natural flame, heat is passed through the stainless steel chamber and with a practice, you can control the draw to your preference. Then there's also the beautiful one-hitter pipe, Maitri's Prana. It's a quick to prep, top-loading ceramic blunt that gives one large hit. However, it's not, strictly speaking, a vape. 

Dry Herb Vapes: Buyers Guide 


In conclusion, there's more to consider when purchasing a high quality herb vaporiser than you may think. Whilst there are many different variances, one thing is for sure: Each and every vape stocked at Urbanistic is carefully curated so that our customers can be assured whichever they choose, they are going to be in possession of an effective high quality item. 

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