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Vape vs Spliff

Vape vs Spliff

 There is a time and place for ‘old school,’ and this isn’t the time. There are some great benefits to vaping dry herb, and it’s about time we all learned why!

As we all move into the future, it’s important that we use the technology which we have available to us. Vaping isn’t exactly new anymore, but if you’re still rolling spliffs and smoking your dry herb the ‘old school’ way, then it’s definitely new to you. This isn’t just an article to put down the way we all used to smoke dry herb, more of an educational piece about some of the benefits vaping has over smoking and how it’s better for you all around.

Dry herb vaping has exploded in popularity around the world and continues to evolve and grow at an extremely rapid pace. What people were vaping ten years ago is light years behind where they’re vaping now. If you think vaping is just another fancy word for smoking or e-cigarettes, then you’re not wrong, just not exactly right. Vaping can also be used to describe vaping dry herbs and even oils or concentrates. We’re going to be focusing on the benefits of vaping dry herbs over smoking them the traditional way. 

  • Vaping Dry Herb Is Better for You – When you’re smoking spliffs or joints, you’re combusting the material, meaning you're inhaling dangerous carcinogens that are present when you burn something. When you vape dry herb, you aren’t burning it. You’re simply heating it to the desired temperature to release the cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. The dry herb doesn’t ignite; the cannabinoids are heated and turned into a vapor which is then inhaled. After you’re done vaping you simply tap the chamber out and reload it. When you burn dry herb, you’re wasting much of the material.
  • Vaping Dry Herb Is Easier – You might not notice all the time, but it can be a real pain in the ass trying to find somewhere quiet and out of the way to smoke a spliff. Not to mention the smoke lingers in your furniture, clothes, and home. Vaping dry herb is almost odorless and is smokeless. You can vape in public discreetly and even carry your vaporizer around ready to go.
  • Vaping Dry Herb Is More Economical – Simply, you’re getting much more bang for your buck when you vaporiser dry herb compared to smoking it. Many vaping experts agree that you can get as much as two thirds more out of your dry herb if you’re vaping over smoking. As if saving money wasn’t a good enough reason alone without the added health benefits of vaping! A Premium Dry Herb Vaporizer may be a small investment, but it will pay off much sooner than you think!

 Vaping dry herb is easy. You still grind up your dry herb like you would with many other methods of smoking. You want a consistent grind, not too fine, and not too coarse. There are some great herb grinders that will help keep your herb fresh and grind it up perfect. When you get your vaporiser, throw it on the charger so that it’s ready to go. Load up your heating chamber with dry herb and pack it lightly. Now, just turn it on and let it heat up. Many devices will display the heating temperature and indicate when it’s ready to start vaping.

 Once it’s ready, just start gently inhaling through the mouthpiece. You’re not going to get massive clouds of vapor like an e-cigarette, just gentle clouds of vapor, almost like a mist. That’s it! Nothing scary there at all! If you’re looking to get into vaping and have any questions or would like some recommendations, then don’t hesitate to contact us at Urbanistic. 



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