Sticky Brick Labs

Sticky Brick Labs are the creators of a range of unique butane-powered vaporizers that provide instant gratification. They use a variety of sustainable, natural materials in their construction, most notably wood. Sticky Brick vapes are cleverly held together with powerful magnets that give a satisfying ‘click’ whenever they are fitted together.

Sticky Bricks were founded in North Carolina in the US by Kenny Joseph. Sticky Bricks is a true passion project, their entire range of fantastic vaporizers are all hand-made out of beautiful hardwood. The original Sticky Brick vaporizer was a hit with vape fans thanks to its unique look, great design, and incredibly performance. Sticky Brick value the feedback of their audience a lot and they are always seeking their views so they can improve and revise their products. It’s no surprise that Sticky Brick have amassed a loyal following.

To this day Sticky Brick Lab’s line of hand-made and battery-free products include the Original Brick vape, the Sticky Brick Junior, the Hydro Brick and the exciting new Flip Brick. Sticky Brick have also created a massive selection of Accessories & Glass for the entire range of vapes.

If you value a distinctive look, great use, and quality then Stick Brick are bound to have a vaporizer for you!