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A Note From The Founder Of Urbanistic

Urbanistic was founded in 2016 as a small hobby alongside a full time job selling software for a bluechip technology organisation. I knew I wanted to start a business that would do some good in the world, make people smile and help people in some way. So, in 2016 I started selling loose leaf tea and promoting the importance of mindfulness by putting on mindful tea tasting evenings within my local community of East London. 

It was around this time I became interesting in vaping as a health-conscious alternative to smoking raw herb. In my search for a vaporiser I realised that the choice for vapor enthusiasts in the UK was rather limited, and having to import one from the US was costly, time consuming and risky should anything go wrong. 

In 2018, I jumped into Urbanistic full time, quitting my 9-5 and focusing all of my efforts on building a company that is ethically responsible and brings happiness to people. Never a faceless corporation. 

We are now a small, passionate independent online business headquarted in East London, with a passion for helping encourage safer and responsible cannabis consumption.

We have also set up the non-profit organisation Grow Street Journal, in order to educate and inform about the hemp plant.


Your Sincerely,

Francis Hall

Founder & Director