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The earth currently lies in a delicate balance. We are witnessing an unprecedented global destruction and rapid reduction of plant and wildlife populations being driven by us humans. 

We recognise the need to proactively ensure individual responsibility in helping to curb our carbon footprint and use of plastics, which is why we are setting our sustainability manifest; a living document that presents our strategy for minimising waste and the use of plastic. 

Product Packaging
Urbanistic products are packaged in cardboard, with CBD containers being manufactured using glass. Please make sure you recycle glass containers once you are done with the item. Glass pipette bottles may be reused. 

Reseller Packaging

A great number of the products we supply are under different brands. Urbanistic gives preference to suppliers that have a green strategy, and we strongly encourage our current partner brands to be proactive in reducing the use of plastics in product packaging. Many of our suppliers already ship without plastic, such as Dynavap, Sticky Brick Labs and Vapor Genie. 


Deliveries are sent as efficiently as possible. Occasionally there will be a need to send more than one parcel on multi-item orders, due to certain CBD lines being shipped from different locations. If this is the case in your order, you will have the option to swap/upgrade items where possible to prevent the need for additional deliveries. 

Adequate measures are taken to ensure your item arrives to your home safe and undamaged. Sometimes, this involves the use of bubble wrap plastic - however we will never buy this in new - only recycle the wrap that we receive in shipments. We commit to only purchasing eco-friendly padding for deliveries. 


If you have a suggestion as to how we might become more environmentally friendly, please drop us a line at