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DeskPod Ultimate Bundle

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The DeskPod  is a powerful and low-maintenance  solution for the consumer who is looking for the ultimate experience with flower. 

Thick, flavour-packed bong rips without the combustion. This will become your goto for flower - you might even wonder why you bothered with anything else!

DeskPod is the high-end, powerful desktop vaporizer you have been waiting for. Using E-Nail Technology and precision milled Quartz heating elements, DeskPod gives you smooth flavor and massive clouds. The DeskPod Ultimate Bundle also comes with the DeskPod Enclosure, which increases performance and gives the DeskPod the signature MPL look!

This Bundle comes with:

  • 1 Quartz Core
  • 1 E-nail Coil
  • 1 Stand
  • 1 Glass Bowl
  • 1 E-Nail Controller
  • 1 StemPod Si Body
  • 1 DeskPod Enclosure

How to use the DeskPod

To use the DeskPod, plug the E-nail controller into a power outlet, and plug the E-Nail coil into the controller.

Before switching on the coil, make sure the DeskPod is securely on the provided stand, as the device will heat up once the power is on. 

Switch the controller on using the power button and select your preferred temperature using the up and down arrows (we love 505-5020 F for a good balance between flavour and cloud).

If it's your first time using the device it's advisable to clean the device and then run it on a high heat setting with an empty chamber to 'burn off' any remaining cleaning residue (we recommend you do this with all new devices).

Once the unit has heated up to your desired temperature, it's ready to use. Load the supplied glass bowl with herb and load it onto your glass rig. Once it's sitting snugly on the glass rig, place the DeskPod over the top of the bowl.

I generally wait around 20 seconds or so to take my first hit. Whilst inhaling, you will see vapor start to fill your rig. Once a desired amount of vapor has been reached, lift the DeskPod off the bowl and the collected vapor will draw into your lungs as you keep inhaling.

Tip: You can also remove the the glass bowl from your rig after you remove the DeskPod - this will open up a larger airway and allow you to inhale all of the vapor into your lungs much faster. It takes an extra hand, but it's our preferred way of operating the device as you can get bigger rips this way.

You can either lift the DeskPod and place it back onto its stand, if you want to space out your tokes. Or, you may want to hold the DeskPod in your hand (by its handle of course) while you inhale, and then place it straight back onto the bowl and repeat as necessary for a fast & furious vape storm.

Once your herb is browned and you're not getting much more out of it, you can debowl and repeat as necessary. The bowl is the only part of the DeskPod that you will need to clean, making this a powerful and low-maintenance solution for the consumer who is looking for the ultimate experience with flower. 


*Rig not included