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Psychedelic Colouring Book


Psychedelics have been the victim of systematic misinformation and scaremongering since the onset of prohibition in the 1930s. Whilst these substances need to be approached with care and respect, there is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates immense therapeutic potential, and an urgent need for further research and major drug policy reform.  

Psychedelic: Harm Reduction Colouring Book seeks to educate and promote safe practice through a brilliantly conceived and executed colouring experience. 

The book includes a wealth of practical information about psychedelics in addition to 23 truly spectacular drawings that are just waiting to be brought to life through colour.

This book has been independently published by Jessica Legon.  

Excerpt: "In addition to being an adult colouring book inspired by mind-altering substances, you are holding a carefully researched compendium of information about psychedelics. If you're a seasoned psychonaut, did your homework thoroughly and have your own safe practice already, you might want to get straight to the colouring. If you are new to psychedelics, however - preparing for a first experience or just curious about the concept - you may find information in the rest of the book of value to you."