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Free Dosing Journal when you spend £50+. Free CBD when you spend £80+

510 Thread Dab Rig

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The Source Nail works as a portable eNail (Dab Rig) when attached to a high powered mod (not included) and can be used with any compatible 510-threaded battery.

The bubbler attachment is a little side arm design that fits around the atomizer attachment. It includes three different coilless atomizers each with their own advantages, (Grade 2 Titanium, Ceramic and Quartz) It's recommended that each one of them be heated to different temperatures. These are true coilless atomizers, "Nails" they're basically just tiny removable buckets you're putting your concentrate into, there's no wires or anything that it's touching. It's a completely clean way to vaporise waxy oil concenrates. Experience great temperature control with 7-second heat-up time. Achieve true taste and maximize cross compatibilty with the Source Nail Dab Rig.

Grade 2 Titanium

The first atomizer is a Grade 2 Titanium nail which is the material that dab nail started being made out of. Out of the three included nails, the titanium is obviously the most durable option. 


The second atomizer is the ceramic which is good for its capability to retain heat. It enables you to get solid heats even after you’ve released the button. It might take a little bit longer to get up to the right temperature, but it’s nothing to worry since we are talking about some few seconds.


The final one is Quartz. It the best when it comes to quick dabs since it is the fastest to reach the sweet port. Also, among the three atomizers, Quartz is the most fragile. It is important that you be a little bit more careful with it.