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VIE Chamber Lid with Spring - VIE Spares & Accessories

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Product Description

The VIE offers two chamber lids. The lid without a spring secures a full capsule in the device chamber, maintaining even heating of your herb or concentrate.

The spring-loaded lid is for “single hit” vaping. If you prefer to use a partially-packed pod, leave the cap off your pod and use the chamber lid with the spring to hold your herb tight inside – compacting the herb ensures even heat transfer and improved flavor. This lid can also be used for direct load mode to pack your herb tightly when placed in the chamber without a pod.

Product Features

  • Spring-loaded lid keeps herb packed tightly when using a partially-filled VIE capsule or when direct loading herb, ensuring consistent heating of your herb
  • Non-spring chamber lid holds a filled herb capsule in the chamber
  • Both lids seal the chamber, so you can leave herb in the chamber/capsule without your herb drying out

Product infomation

1x Chamber Lid with Spring
1x Chamber lid wiithout Spring